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oh pair

Teatru Astra is proud to present Oh Pair! Babysitter Extraordinaire, a brilliant British comedy written and directed by BBC author and producer Rob Ricards. The comedy, which premiered some months ago and successfully toured England, has been very much acclaimed and well received by its audience.

Astra has hosted numerous amounts of comedies over its past fifty years, mostly during the Christmas period. This tradition has been withheld, in absolute sintony with the season's jolly atmosphere.

The plot coneys the audience to a villa on the French Riviera in a tongue in cheek manner, as Maddy and James are on holiday with their daughter and her baby. They planned to hire a girl to act as an au pair in order to keep their mind at rest about the wellbeing of their grandchild, however as their plan goes haywire, they are in for quite a huge surprise...

Rehearsals for Oh Pair! are already in full swing, having some of the most acclaimed local actors as well as known British ones, namely Julia Camilleri, Joseph Muscat, Paul V Rutland and Sue Scantelbury.

Oh Pair! will be presented at Astra on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 19.30hrs. Tickets can be purchased from Astra Theatre, as well as online on