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Madama Butterfly either soars or sinks. At the Teatru Astra, packed to the rafters, Madama Butterfly started at the top and worked its way upwards…

As old-age wisdom goes: something is good if all its parts are good. If ever this maxim ever needed confirmation, it was all there in this splendid production: a glittering array of stars: the sublime Daniela Dessi’ in the title role partnered by a dashing Fabio Armiliato, and the moving Carlo Guelfi. With soloists of this caliber what could one expect? Nothing short of a landmark production. Still, fielding such heavyweights is no formula for an all-round success. Other essential elements have to match, otherwise what you end up with is a flawed production. The Teatru Astra is definitely blessed with a first-class Opera Chorus which has been a mainstay and a sure guarantee of success throughout the years, helping in no small way to establish opera at the Astra as the non-plus-ultra on the islands. Indeed: an exemplar non imitabile! Of the same level, are the spectacular sets which have broken new ground when it comes to opera productions on the Maltese Islands. What you get at the Astra is the real thing: a dynamic and deeply engaging mise-en-scene. Tradition and latest advances in technology blend to a make the opera production an artistic experience very hard to come by unless you treat yourself to a trip to La Scala or Covent Garden or beyond. The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra firmly under the inspiring direction of Prof. Joseph Vella, music director at the Teatru Astra, was in its top form.


With such an explosive mix, is it surprising that extraordinary heights have been reached?

The Opera photo Gallery has been updated with the most beautiful and suggestive photos of the production.