Otello at the Astra: Supreme Power and Grace Print E-mail Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

At the Teatru Astra you get what you are promised: a vocal and scenic spectacular was promised and that’s exactly what the overawed patrons who packed the superbly acoustically endowed auditorium got and more…

Indeed Otello courts superlatives….larger than life, multi-dimensional tragedy engineered by spiteful envy, tumultuous scenes alternating with tender and delicate ones, absolutely stunning mise-en-sècne, ravishing music and top of the scale singing from one and all, surging and conflicting emotions splashing about with explosive results, scrupulous attention to detail and the relentless drive to achieve greatness.

Greatness has been achieved: the menacing waves which threatened to engulf the splendid gilded bucintoro were overcome: to no avail pounded the cruel sea on the seemingly defenseless galleon: the Leon di Venezia could not be overcome: this evening the majestic acclamation Gloria al Leon di Venezia will resound again: the Leon is a legion!

Get your hands on a ticket for next year’s NABUCCO: the booking is open: it will defy imagination…

(photo: Joe Attard)