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Victoria is gearing up for a highly charged cultural week - animated by Teatru Astra's 18th edition of Festival Mediterranea.

Kicking off the cultural extravaganza will be Francis James Camilleri's pianoforte concerto, on the 18th of October, will highlight works by Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt, amongst others. This remarkably talented pianist has delighted audiences on several occasions and this exciting recital will surely furnish us with impeccable interpretations of classical masters.

Anton Inglott's autobiographical art exhibition on the 19th of October will also feature during the same weekend. The exhibition will consist of a series of works hailing from public and private collections featuring some of the artist's trademark contrasting traits, ranging from the sophisticated to the minimalist, the celebratory to the sedate. This will be a fitting overture to one of the busiest cultural periods on the island.

'The impact of Friedrich Overbeck and Tommaso Minardi on art in Gozo: painting and sculpture' is an academic commentary that will explore the artistic influences on what was a British colony with deep cultural ties with Italy. The lecture will be delivered on-site by Dr Mark Sagona on Saturday 19th October.

A week-long exhibition on the history of productions of 'Il Trovatore', featuring a rich collection of documents preserved in the Philharmonic Society's archives will be held at Teatru Astra, starting on 20th October.

The activities of the 24th and the 26th are the crown jewels of this cultural array: two productions of 'Il Trovatore' will be held at the Teatru Astra and will be preceded by street theatre and musical elements in Republic Street, ushering guests into the Theatre.

The Coro Lirico Siciliano, a veteran choir which has performed worldwide, will be performing a superb lunchtime concert at St George's Basilica at 12.30 on Friday the 25th. This will be followed by a clarinet and pianoforte concerto, by Mario Galea and Francis James Camilleri at the Kempinski resort.

The Banca Giuratale in Victoria will host a talk by Dr Abraham Borg, on the 26th of October, during which opera aficionados will take in the contextual element of 'Il Trovatore', galvanising the unique opera experience Astra Theatre has established in the national cultural calendar.

Festival Mediterranea is being organised in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and features in the Opera is Gozo programme. The opera Il Trovatore is being organised with the assistance of the Gozo Cultural Support Fund. Online booking and more information on the opera and Festival is available on