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foto hd coro lirico siicliano

Teatru Astra, in Victoria, Gozo, is currently involved in the production of the scenography for Pietro Mascagani's Cavelleria Rusticana which will be produced by Coro Lirico Siciliano. In a few weeks' time, the scenography will be exported to Sicily where it will be used on four separate operatic productions. The tour will begin in Villa Bellini, Catania on the 4th of August, followed by a production on the 7th of August at the Greek theatre in Tindari. The penultimate production is scheduled for the 20th of August at the Greco-Roman theatre in Taormina. The final leg of the operatic tour will take place at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse on the 27th of August.

Artist Joseph Cauchi, the residing scenographer at Teatru Astra, and Andrew Portelli are leading the design and construction of the set.

Lyric opera production at Teatru Astra is synonymous with scenic sets of particularly high calibre. The theatre has, in the recent past, distinguished itself in all elements of opera production, including the scenography, which has been acclaimed by the general public and the media. Notably, this is not the first time Teatru Astra has been invited to export its artistic expertise; in 2014, the scenography and wardrobe used in Nabucco, were exported to Rimini, Italy, where they were used in two productions of the opera in Stadio 105.

Due to Covid-19, Teatru Astra has had to postpone the production of the lyric opera Carmen for two consecutive years. The operatic tour in Sicily will provide an opportunity for Teatru Astra to provide the general public with a taste of its artistic potential, particularly in lyric opera production, locally synonymous with Gozo and the city of Victoria, in the birthplace of lyric opera.

This important project is supported by the Cultural Heritage Directorate within the Gozo Ministry.