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flameno dancers

Productions of Bizet's Carmen and flamenco have been closely associated with each other for over a Century. The gypsy protagonist is often depicted as a flamenco performer herself, and it has become commonplace to associate Bizet's score with aspects of flamenco. This however, only developed gradually, as Bizet himself was largely unfamiliar with flamenco, and Carmen was composed during a period when flamenco as we know it today was still coalescing in Spain through Madrid and Seville's cafes-cantantes.

It was therefore during the later years of the belle epoque that the rise and global recognition of flamenco occurred in tandem with Carmen's establishment in the
international operatic repertoire. Productions of Carmen sought Hispanic authenticity by drawing on Spanish entertainment culture.

In keeping with these roots, Teatru Astra will be presenting Alegria Flamenco Dance Company for this year's production of Carmen featuring Ingrid Sciberras and Estelle Bonello Sant, Malta's top flamenco talent, along with their entourage. Both have perfected their skills in this art internationally under the most renowned Spanish tuition.

Ballet in opera is not uniquely French, but in French opera it is framed within the narrative and forms part of the drama itself. It gives the audience a break from the continuous singing, a divertissement in its own manner. It gives the audience a chance to take in the view without having to give any significant attention to plot details.

Considering the limelight ballet gets in Carmen, Teatru Astra has once again chosen to present Dance Narratives under the tutelage of Sarah Grech, who along with her gracious entourage will allow the audience to indulge in the flair that they have been able to offer throughout the years.

This production will be under the artistic direction of Enrico Stinchelli and will feature the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of John Galea.

Carmen will be presented on the 27th and 29th October 2022 at Teatru Astra, Victoria - Gozo. The opera is the highlight of the nineteenth edition of Festival Mediterranea. Bookings can be done online through More information is available on 2155 0985.

The opera at Teatru Astra is supported by the Gozo Cultural Support Programme managed by the Arts Council Malta and the Ministry for Gozo. Bank of Valletta is also an official partner of the Opera and Festival. Other sponsors include the Victoria Local Council, Citadel Insurance and General Soft Drinks Limited.