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Euripides' The Trojan Women
Date: 05.11.2010 - 19:00  
Venue: Teatru Astra
Price: 8.00








(Produced in 415 BCE at the City Dionysia. This is the 3 rd of a Trilogy, the preceding plays, Alexndros and Palamedes are lost.)

The Strength Of Mankind Has Always Been Its Women

After the ten-year siege, the victorious Greek army seeks to curse those Trojans whom fate has yet spared. Separated from their
children, denied their mourning and destined for slavery, the women of fallen Troy huddle within the parched wreckage of their once glorious city.

Beautiful Cassandra is betrothed against her will despite her vanishing sanity. Andromache discovers her son is to be executed to end her royal bloodline. Helen desperately wields the arrogant beauty that leveled a city as she pleads for her life. But it was Hekabe Ake Hecuba, widowed queen of Troy, whose enduring dignity and unfaltering strength makes cowards of Troy’s captors.

The Trojan Women is both a re-energized and evocate denunciation of human cruelty and a passionate chorus of redemption and survival.


Poseidon; Jamie Camilleri, Athena; Mariella Cassar, Oracle; Micheal Camilleri, Hekabe Aka Hecuba; Maria Schembri, Taltihybius; Andy Fava, Cassandra;  Margaret Cassar, Andromache; Dianne A. Portelli Galea, Helen; Marlene Saliba, Menelaos; George Camilleri,

Designer; Paul Stellini
Directed; George Mizzi

Date:     Friday, 5th Nov. 2010
Time:     20.00hrs
Price:     € 8.00